Case Study

The Transinspector App

Seeking to improve efficiency and compliance with industry standards, Transagent embarked on the development of a mobile application dedicated to ship inspections.

The Transinspector App


Transagent aimed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in managing ship inspections through the development of a Ship Inspection Website App. The objectives included digitizing and centralizing inspections to streamline workflows, ensure accurate data, enable real-time reporting, and establish a centralized hub for inspection records.

Development Process

The existing inspection system faced challenges such as reliance on manual processes, leading to inconsistencies and delays. Communication bottlenecks and potential resistance to digital tools were additional concerns. To address these issues, collaborative sessions were conducted with stakeholders, adopting a user-centered design approach. Real-time reporting features were integrated, and a mobile-friendly web app was developed for on-site accessibility. Training sessions and ongoing support facilitated a smooth transition, and seamless integration with existing systems prevented data duplication.


The results demonstrated improved efficiency, quicker data collection, enhanced data accuracy, and better communication between inspectors and the central office. The web app became a centralized information hub for inspection records. Overall, the Ship Inspection Website App successfully transformed Transagent’s inspection processes, showcasing the benefits of digital tools in the freight and shipping industry. Continuous updates and feedback mechanisms will ensure the app remains aligned with evolving inspection needs, maintaining high standards in safety protocols.


Reduction in inspection time.


Data entry error elimination.


Improvement in team communication.


Reduction of data entry errors.

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