Case Study

The TransInspector App

Digital Transformation of Ship Inspection Processes.
The transinspector app

The Team

UX/UI Design
I had a role in crafting the user experience and visual design of the Trans Inspector app.

App Developer
The developer translated design concepts and prototypes into a functional progressive web app.

Trans inspector team
What i Did

My Contribution

Lead Design / Design Strategy
Spearheaded UI design on all fronts.

Defined Product Strategy with Client

I worked closely with the client to define the overall strategy and align teams.

Collaborated with Developer on Implementation
Quality assurance for high quality product.


What Are We Building

Increased Efficiency
Eliminate manual paperwork and streamline workflows.

Enhanced Transparency
Provide real-time reporting.

Document Hub
Central hub to access all inspection documents.

Trans inspector dashboard screen
the trans inspector app


International Shipping and Freight Agency, a leader in global shipping since 1963, wanted to transform their paper-based ship inspection process.

The goal was to digitize their workflows and create a central hub for inspection data.


Why Do This

Manual Data Entry 
Significant source of frustration and errors across all user groups.

Lack of Real-time Insights
Leading to delays and inefficiencies.

Communication Silos
Limited real-time communication between departments was impacting efficiency.

what we worked against


App Development Costs
Building and maintaining the app could be expensive.

User Technical Literacy
Limited technical skills from inspectors.

Unreliable internet access on ships could stand in
the way of real-time reporting.

Impact effort matrix
Defining the product

Product Strategy

Intuitive Interface
Simple UI, large buttons for easy navigation, even on small screens.

Real-time Reporting & Analytics
Inspection progress and
generate real-time reports.

Enhanced Data Visibility
Real-time access to inspection data for
faster decision-making.

understanding motivations / behavior

Who is the User

Field Technicians

  • Need real-time information on part availability,
  • Verify stock before client visits and avoid wasted trips,
  • Update order status efficiently while on the job.
Defining the product

User Journey

Ti user
what would make this project successful

Measuring Success


  • Faster inspections after app implementation,
  • Indicators of potential increases in efficiency.


  • User feedback on the app’s functionality,
  • Ease of use.
what we aim to achieve

Goals & Objectives

Increase Efficiency
Eliminate manual paperwork and streamline workflows.

Improve Accuracy
Ensure data consistency and eliminate errors.

Enhance Transparency
Provide real-time reporting and centralized access to inspection documents.

what were the key areas of focus

Core Cases

Ti core
Ti screens
Ti screens
Ti screens
lessons learned

Key Takeaways

Value of design solutions
Well-designed solution can address real business challenges and significantly improve user experience.

Focus on pain points
By prioritizing core user pain points (manual data entry, lack of real-time insights and communication silos) the project demonstrates the effectiveness of addressing these root causes for improvement.



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