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The Strategic Overhaul of a Drive Technology Leader's Brand Strategy and Website.

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Project Overview

A Croatian company, renowned for its expertise in consulting and distributing drive technology equipment, has been a pivotal player in specialized industrial segments. Their dedication to improving products, developing new materials, and adhering to European regulations has set them apart. With a product range that includes industrial reducers, motors, frequency converters, and pneumatic equipment, the company has established itself as a provider of comprehensive solutions, support, and technical explanations.


The company’s website faced significant challenges that impeded optimal user engagement and navigation. The site’s design suffered from a lack of clear visual hierarchy, causing vital elements like sub-headings and call-to-action (CTA) prompts to blend into the background. This design flaw made it challenging for users to navigate the site effectively, as essential cues for engagement were easily overlooked.

Furthermore, the site’s layout was cluttered, lacking sufficient whitespace, which made the content feel overwhelming and difficult to digest. The absence of animated elements and a static navigation bar contributed to a stale user experience, leaving the company’s digital presence feeling outdated in comparison to current web trends. Additionally, a noticeable gap in accessibility features potentially alienated users who rely on these functionalities for an optimal web experience.


  • Implementing a Clear Visual Hierarchy: The website’s layout was redesigned to ensure that headings, sub-headings, and CTAs are prominent, facilitating easier navigation and engagement with the content.
  • Introducing Whitespace and Dynamic Elements: The content layout was revised to incorporate more whitespace, creating a cleaner and more visually appealing experience. Animated elements were added to inject a modern dynamism into the user interface, aligning the company’s digital presence with contemporary web design trends.
  • Simplifying Content: The website’s content was meticulously refined to focus on clarity and conciseness, making information more accessible and engaging for the audience.


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Engineering a New Brand Identity

The vision for the new brand identity was clear: to create a digital experience that mirrors the company’s forward-thinking approach and its dedication to delivering comprehensive solutions in drive technology. The goal was to craft an online identity that resonates with its diverse clientele, from industry professionals to potential partners, reflecting the brand’s unique blend of tradition and innovation.

The overhaul process began with a deep dive into the company’s ethos, its market positioning, and the needs of its audience. This exploration formed the foundation for the new brand identity, focusing on simplicity, user engagement, and technological prowess. Key elements of the transformation included a visual makeover to embody a more modern and clean aesthetic. This included the use of bold colors that align with the company’s branding, streamlined graphics, and dynamic imagery that showcases the products and solutions in action.

Kinetika color pallete

The Strategic Integration of Manrope Font in Rebranding

A key element in this visual overhaul was the selection of the Manrope font. This decision was not made lightly; it was the culmination of a thorough exploration of typography’s role in shaping user experience, brand perception, and digital readability. The font’s excellent legibility across various digital platforms and devices further motivated its selection. With the increasing consumption of digital content on mobile devices, ensuring that text is easily readable in different contexts was a critical consideration. Manrope’s design, optimized for high performance in digital environments, supports this requirement, providing a seamless experience for users irrespective of how they access the website.

Kinetika typography

Building a Bespoke WordPress Website for Flexibility and User-Centric Design

The bespoke approach allowed for a website that truly reflects the company’s unique offerings and industry leadership. Custom post types and intuitive navigation were developed to ensure the site could grow with the company’s needs, emphasizing user experience and seamless content management.

Custom development prioritized flexibility, ensuring the website could adapt to future market demands and product expansions without a complete redesign. A user-centric design philosophy guided visitors smoothly to the information they sought, enhancing engagement and simplifying the user journey.

A significant benefit of this was the streamlined content management process it offered. The company’s content team gained the ability to update the site effortlessly, keeping the digital presence dynamic and reflective of ongoing innovations.

Kinetika homepage


Kinetika mobile screens

Kinetika desktop screens


Results Achieved

The revitalization of the company’s website has had a profound impact on user engagement and satisfaction. The introduction of a clear visual hierarchy and dynamic elements has made the site more navigable and engaging, leading to a significant increase in user interaction with CTAs. The strategic use of whitespace and simplified content has improved readability, reducing user fatigue and enhancing the overall user experience.

This transformation has not only aligned the company’s digital presence with modern design trends but also reinforced its position as a forward-thinking leader in the drive technology industry. The website now accurately reflects the brand’s values and its commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and user engagement.

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