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Website redesign for a wealth and risk management solutions provider.

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Project Overview

An independent financial firm focused on personalized wealth and risk management services. They emphasize a client-first approach, offering tailored advice without the influence of a larger parent company’s sales targets. The firm prides itself on providing exceptional service daily, responsive and accountable to their clients’ needs. Despite being based in South Carolina, USA, they serve clients nationwide, focusing on competent advice, prompt service, and a compassionate understanding of each client’s unique situation. They attribute their growth to referrals, highlighting the importance of client success to their business model.


The previous website structure presented several UX challenges. One of the more evident issues involved ineffectiveness of visual hierarchy. The use of content and images lead to information overload without clear segmentation or visual breaks to guide the user’s eye. Moreover, there was a lack of apparent personalization that made the user experience feel less tailored and engaging​​. Additionally, while the footer contained essential information and disclaimers, it did so in a way that is very dense and text-heavy, making the information harder to find and understand.

In terms of accessibility, the website was not fully optimized for users with different abilities, which is a critical aspect of modern UX design​​.


On this project, we joined forces with the company team which provided their user research and our role was to bring their vision to life. With the focus on their brand, we created a refreshed visual identity which culminated in the development of a vibrant, modular website.

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Branding and Color Scheme

The introduction of a new color palette featuring a primary color of deep green, a secondary color of rich gold, and a tertiary hue of olive. These colors were carefully selected to evoke a sense of reliability, growth, and excellence, mirroring the company’s core values and expertise in financial management.

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New Typograpy System

A fresh typographic approach was adopted using Manrope for body text and Libre Baskerville for headings. Manrope, known for its clarity and modern feel, was chosen to ensure readability and a sleek look across digital platforms. Libre Baskerville, with its elegant and timeless appeal, was used for headings to add a touch of sophistication and distinction, reinforcing the company’s longstanding expertise in wealth and risk management.

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The Website

A user-centric design strategy was implemented to improve navigation and content discoverability. This involved reorganizing the site’s structure for intuitive access to services, resources, and company information, and incorporating interactive elements to engage users actively.

Our design approach was to create a minimalist yet flexible design framework that could easily adapt during the development phase, offering needed customization options. This approach helped the Client to quickly and easily create new pages, using just a select number of modules. This approach is not only straightforward and rapid but has also revolutionized their operational processes.

Similar to the visual identity, the website’s design was guided by the extensive accessibility requirements of a diverse team. It was essential that content creators, regardless of cultural background, age, or technical proficiency, could intuitively use the CMS to create sub-pages on their own, all while maintaining the brand’s essence. Our solution involved tailored WordPress blocks, creating an editable and modular workspace that’s remarkably easy to navigate.


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The Results

The website’s redesign marked a significant transformation in the company’s digital presence, achieving and surpassing the set objectives. The new site now reflects a perfect blend of modern design and functionality:

  • The updated color scheme and typography have significantly enhanced the site’s visual appeal and brand identity, making it stand out in the competitive financial services landscape.
  • Improved site navigation and restructured content layout have resulted in a more intuitive user experience, with visitors now able to find relevant information quickly and effortlessly.
  • Enhanced engagement features and interactive elements have increased user engagement, leading to longer visit durations and a higher rate of return visitors.

Overall, the redesigned website not only aligns with the company’s vision of providing top-tier wealth and risk management solutions but also sets a new standard for online presence in the financial services industry. This digital transformation has strengthened the company’s brand, improved client satisfaction, and positioned it for future growth and success in an increasingly digital world.


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