Case Study

KinetiTrack Inventory App

Building on the success of the website redesign, our client sought to streamline their service repair operations by addressing challenges related to work order management.

KinetiTrack App


Kinetika, a propulsion technology consulting company, addressed the need to modernize their inventory software for service repairs by developing a KinetiTrack Inventory App.

Objectives and Features

The app’s objectives were to digitize and optimize service repair processes, focusing on streamlining management, tracking, and communication. Real-time updates were introduced to provide transparency and timely communication between field technicians and clients, while resource optimization aimed to minimize downtime and improve overall turnaround time. Additionally, the app aimed to eliminate errors associated with manual data entry and paperwork.

Challenges were identified in the existing manual system, including inefficiencies and delays in work order creation, assignment, and tracking. Resistance to change among field technicians and the need for seamless integration with existing systems were also acknowledged.

Development Process

The approach involved collaborative workshops with field technicians, service managers, and IT staff to understand workflows and expectations. User feedback was actively integrated into the app development process, ensuring a user-friendly interface. Real-time updates, mobile accessibility, comprehensive training, and ongoing support were prioritized. The app seamlessly integrated with existing systems for automatic updates.

Quantifiable Results

The results demonstrated improved efficiency, faster service resolutions, enhanced communication, and increased satisfaction and trust. Efficient resource allocation minimized downtime, enabling more service repairs within the same timeframe. The digital system significantly improved data accuracy, reducing errors associated with manual paperwork.


In conclusion, the implementation of the Inventory Management App successfully transformed Kinetika’s field operations, showcasing the benefits of embracing technology in service management. Continuous feedback and updates will ensure the app remains aligned with evolving needs, maintaining a high standard of service excellence.


Reduction in service repair turnaround time.


Increase in part ordering.


Downtime reduction.


Reduction in data entry errors.

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