Case Study

KinetiTrack Inventory App

Streamlining Inventory Management and Order Processing

Context & Background

Existing inventory management system was hindering operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Manual data entry processes were error-prone and time-consuming.

Limited visibility into stock levels across departments led to delays and frustrated clients.

Kinetitrack context
Project Impact

A Success Measure

By addressing the core pain points identified during user research, the app demonstrably improved key business metrics.

A Mobile App

Promoting real-time data access, streamlined workflows (barcode scanning), and improved communication will enhance user experience and data accuracy, leading to higher fix rates and improved customer satisfaction.
Kinetika hypothesis

My Team

UX/UI Design
I had a role in crafting the user experience and visual design of the KinetiTrack app.

App Developer
A skilled freelance developer was brought on board to translate the design concepts and prototypes into a functional mobile app.

What i Did

My Contribution

Created All App UI Designs
Led design including product, UX, UI, research.

Collaborated with Developer on Implementation
Quality assurance for high quality product.

Led UX Roadmapping
Worked cross functionally across all partners.


Problem Statement

The manual and inefficient field service inventory management that leads to wasted time, data errors, and communication gaps across departments.

Kinetitrack challenge
user research

User Problems

Manual Data Entry
Across all user groups, manual data entry was a significant source of frustration and errors.

Limited Inventory Visibility
Lack of real-time insight into stock levels across departments led to delays and inefficiencies.

Communication Silos
Limited communication and collaboration between departments hindered overall operational efficiency.

Kinetitrack user problems
app goals

Goals & Strategy

Reduce Data Entry Errors and Streamline Workflows
Allow technicians to update inventory and check stock levels.

Real-time Visibility Into Inventory Levels for all User Groups
Provide immediate visibility into current stock levels, facilitating informed decision-making.

Kinetitrack app goals
what we worked against


Integrating with legacy systems, mobile device limitations.

Resistance to change.

Budgetary limitations, data security concerns.

building the product

Our Workflow

Kinetika workflow
user research

Research Methods

Provided qualitative data on current workflows, pain points, and expectations for the app.

Usability Testing
Identified usability issues, ease of use, and overall user experience.

Task Analysis
Helped understand user workflows, information needs, and opportunities for improvement.

Kinetika user research
understanding motivations / behavior

User Personas

Field Technicians
These technicians require real-time information on part availability to verify stock before client visits and avoid wasted trips. They also need a way to update order status efficiently while on the job.

Operations Managers
Managers oversee inventory levels, manage stock replenishment, and ensure overall operational efficiency. Real-time data and clear insights are crucial for informed decision-making.

Kinetika personas
jobs to be done framework

Applying JTBD

When managing field service inventory (situation), we (technicians, managers) want a streamlined system with real-time data and communication (motivation) to improve efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction (expected outcome).

navigating the app

Information Architecture

Kinetika sitemap
what were the key areas of focus

Core Cases

Kinetika core cases

Effortless Inventory Management

The simplified interface allows technicians to effortlessly filter and search through the whole inventory, and find what they need in just a few taps.

Kinetika products

Order History and Product Restock

Technicians can gain a clear view of product supplies with easy access to order histories and a quick restock feature.

Kinetika orders screens

Warehouses at a Glance

Interactive maps for warehouse locations to facilitate logistical planning.

Kinetika warehouses
results and impact

Key Takeaways

Communication is Key
The integrated communication platform highlights the importance of seamless communication for smooth operations.

Mobile-first is the Future
Prioritizing mobile access ensures users can work from anywhere.

Data is Power
Real-time data empowers users to make informed decisions.

Kinetika takeaways
thinking towards future

Future Opportunities

Advanced Features
Offline functionality, predictive analytics, and broader system integrations.

User Experience Enhancements
Personalization, advanced search, and even AR integration for technicians.

Kinetik opportunities

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